Following is the complete list of categories and topics from which sponsors can choose:

Medical Reference Resources Medical Databases
Drug Databases
Medical Journals
Medical Standards, Guidelines and Ethics
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Medical Spellers
Chemical/Toxicological Information (Regulated Chemicals)
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Medical Laws, Regulations and Guidance
Healthcare News
Clinical Utilities/Diagnostic Aids Calculators, Conversion Tools, and Statistical Utilities
Healthcare Quizzes
Diagnostic Aids
Treatment Protocols
Disease Management Aids
Substance Abuse Management Aids
Emergency Response & Risk Analysis Tools Health Hazard Analysis
Chemical Hazard Analysis
Information on Emergency Response and Emergency Planning
Response to Terrorism
First Aid/EMT
Tools for Managing Personal Health Personal/Family Medical Records Management Tools
Tools for Managing Specific Medical Conditions
Healthy Living and Stress Management Aids
Exercise/Fitness Aids
Alternative Medicine, Self Help, Prevention
Food and Nutrition
Environmental Quality in the Home
Medical Facility Management Tools Tools for Scheduling Patient Visits, Surgery, Care Plans, etc.
Tools for Managing Patient Records
Tools to Simplify Medical Billing and Insurance Claims
Tools for Managing Human Resources
Facilities Management (Equipment, Supplies and Wastes)
Pharmacy Resources
Writing Tools (Transcription and Prescriptions)
Medical Forms Software
Laboratory Software
Education/Training Resources Medical Education Programs
Medical Exam Prep Courses and Materials
Patient Training Resources
Training to Prevent Exposure to Chemicals and Pathogens
Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Training
Medical Training for Specific Industries
Emergency Response Training
Training Records Management Tools
Graphics Medical Photographs, Images, Video Clips
Clipart, Symbols, Illustrations and Fonts
Cartoons and Jokes
Occupational Safety & Health Resources Safety Planning Resources
Ergonomics Resources
Industrial Hygiene Information
Tools for Tracking and Reporting Injuries and Illnesses
Other OSHA Compliance Resources
Tools for Managing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Labels and Signs
Resources for Regulatory Agencies
Tools for Specific Medical Specialties Allergies and Ears, Nose and Throat
Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care
Family Practice and Internal Medicine
Forensics and Toxicology
Genealogy and Genetic Disorders
Geriatrics/Elder Care/Senior Health
Hematology and Medical Laboratory
Infectious Disease
Medical Research and Biotechnology
Obstetrics/Gynecology/Women's Health
Occupational Medicine
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Physical and Respiratory Therapy
Pyschiatry, Psychology and Social Work
Public Health and Epidemiology
Radiology and Imaging
Urology/Men's Health
Veterinary Medicine

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