Following is a list of freeware that provides tools and online resources for managing patient records. To learn more about a particular item, click on the item name. To download a software product or visit an interactive web site, click on "download" or "view," respectively. But first, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

AnSWR Analysis Software for Word-based Records
By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). A software system for coordinating and conducting large-scale, team-based analysis projects that integrate qualitative and quantitative techniques.

By Elpidio Latorilla. Open source software for hospitals and health care organizations designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single system. CARE2x solves the problems inherent in a network of multiple programs that are noncompatible with each other. It can integrate almost any type of services, systems, departments, clinic, processes, data, communication, etc. that exist in a hospital. Functions include telephone directory; admission system; patient documentation; duty planner; nursing ward administration; operating room documentation; laboratory exam management; radiology film editor; pharmaceutical products order system; medical depot; electronic data processing; email; and more. Versions include English, German, Indonesian, Italian, and Brazilian-Portuguese.

By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). A software program developed to assist researchers to create, manage, and analyze semi-structured qualitative databases. Researchers can design a series of data entry templates tailored to their questionnaire. These questionnaires are usually administered during face-to-face interviews with a sample of respondents.

Comprehensive Clinic Assessment Software Application (CoCASA)
By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). The Comprehensive Clinic Assessment Software Application (CoCASA) is a tool for assessing immunization practices within a clinic, private practice, or any other environment where immunizations are provided. CoCASA replaces all previous versions of CASA, VFC-CASA and Adult CASA (ACASA). CoCASA can be used for immunization assessments across the lifespan.

Cottage Med
By Caring in Community, Inc.. An electronic medical record (EMR) designed for PC, Apple and Linux environments, these open source templates run within the database program FileMaker©. Download a trial copy of Filemaker and then install Cottage Med. It includes appointment scheduling, patient registration, paper billing with the option to convert to electronic claims, basic accounting functions, patient tracking, prescription writing, and dictation of notes.

By University of California at San Francisco. Hospital Discharge Data Analysis and Presentation System

By Intalgent Technologies, LLC and Shasta NetWorks LLC. jEngine is an Open Source, standards-compliant, enterprise integration engine implemented in Java. The server framework, based on Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), provides a standard for deploying a multi-tier enterprise integration engine. Used as the HL7 messaging engine for a hospital.

Minimum Data Set (MDS) 2.0
By Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Assists computer software designers in meeting State and Federal requirements for Medicare and Medicaid nursing facilities concerning the encoding and electronic transmission of MDS 2.0 assessments. These nursing facilities must complete, record, encode and transmit the MDS for all residents in their facility, regardless of age, diagnosis, length of stay or payment category.

By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). Tools to improve the quality of data gathered by the public health community by standardizing the way data items are checked for validity. These tools can be built into interactive data collection systems to achieve real-time field-by-field editing during data entry. They can also be used in batch-editing processes for data already collected. EDITS provides software to support three types of data activities: defining standards for data quality, creating data collection processes, and analyzing data.

By Synitech Incorporated. A modular, HIPAA compliant, Open Source, cross-platform Electronic Medical Records system (EMRS). It facilitates efficient office management through automated patient record journaling and billing integration, and has been successfully integrated with third-party technologies including speech recognition, secure wireless access, touch screen portables, and biometric authentication. Interface screens are customizable and optimized for consistency, simplicity, speed of access to patient information, and minimum eye strain.

OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application Resource)
By McMaster University. Oscar is a set of Clinic Applications, Clinic Resources, and electronic patient records, developed using Open Source Tools. Modules include: Office Automation (Appointment Scheduling, Billing, Referral, Messaging); Electronic Patient Record (Patient Profile, Encounter Record, Forms, Clinical Resource Database, Electronic Document Management); and Decision Support Tools (Evidence-based Antenatal Planner, Evidence-based Assessment Records for Long-Term Care, Link with Web Search Engines).

RAVEN Software
By Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). RAVEN is a computerized data entry system for long term care facilities that offers users the ability to collect Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessments in a database and transmit those assessments in CMS-standard format to your State database. The data entry software imports and exports data in standard MDS record format, maintains facility, resident, and employee information, enforces data integrity via rigorous edit checks, and provides comprehensive on-line help. It includes a data dictionary, RUGs and RAPs calculators, and your state section S form, if CMS has approved that form.

RAVEN-SB Software
By Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). RAVEN-SB is a computerized data entry system for swing bed, skilled- nursing facilities that offers users the ability to collect SB-MDS (Swing Bed-Minimum Data Set) assessments in a database and transmit those assessments in CMS-standard format to the National Assessment Collection Database. The data entry software imports and exports data in standard SB-MDS record format, maintains facility, patient, and employee information, enforces data integrity via rigorous edit checks, and provides comprehensive on-line help. It includes a data dictionary, RUG-III and HIPPS code calculators.

By Mark Myatt. The use of SOUNDEX codes provides an alternative to supplying surnames when confidentiality is required. This system is used by CDSC (the UK equivalent of CDC) for the HIV/AIDS Voluntary Confidential Reporting Scheme. Confidentiality is ensured as no SOUNDEX code is unique to a single surname. This makes it possible to share confidential data about (e.g.) sexually transmitted infections or psychiatric conditions without using surnames. SOUNDEX coding is suited to the public health surveillance of stigmatized diseases.

By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). An application for State and local health departments to address the most common issues facing an STD program in its efforts to manage the data that it receives from labs, providers, clinics, disease intervention specialists (DIS), etc. Additionally, a mechanism is provided so that non-named case morbidity data, in electronic format, can be transmitted to CDC via the National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance (NETSS).

STELLAR: Systematic Tracking of Elevated Lead Levels and Remediation
By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). A software application provided to State and local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs (CLPPPs) with a practical means of tracking medical and environmental activities in lead poisoning cases. The intent of this application is to provide an electronic means of addressing the data that Programs receive from labs, providers, clinics and case management professionals.

VersaForm EMR Basic Edition
By VersaForm Systems Corporation. Electronic medical records with labs, medications, allergies, histories, prescription writing, image scanning, and progress notes.

VFC/AFIX Evaluation Software Training
By US Center for Disease Control (CDC). The VFC/AFIX Evaluation module training will prepare you to use this software on your computer for inputting data for 2005 site visits.

Wired Communities: Putting the e in Public Health Webcast
By University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Public Health. Information and communications technology have become the cornerstones of public health practice in the 21st century. At a time when communities are preparing to respond to any public health crisis in a matter of hours and even minutes, the speed with which we communicate and access information becomes crucial. Online resources, innovative software, and sophisticated equipment provide the necessary tools, but it is the exchange of information that makes a difference in a wired community. Join us as we share the vision of Blacksburg, Virginia, a community that is improving the practice of public health by building relationships, investing in information technology, and communicating with the world. Originally broadcast January 31, 2003. Continuing education credit available.

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