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Verisk3E (site sponsor)
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Information Resources:

Biomedical Medical Directories
DealSoup — product reviews for healthcare products and more
Environmental Software Directory
Health Directory
Manganese Injury Information
Medical Billing Guru — the expert resource on medical billing topics and reviews of medical billing software
MediLexicon — search for medical news, definitions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companys, and more
The Fire Station by John Turner — a web directory dedicated to workplace safety

Healthcare Software Vendors:
Environmental Software Directory
ImageWave Corporation
Knorr Associates — DataPipe EH&S Software
MedicWare — Electronic Health Record Software to improve efficiency of staff and enhance patient care

Colleges and Universities:

Heriot-Watt University

Healthcare Publications:

Donley Technology EH&S Software Resources
EH&S Software News
Paradigm RedShift

Search Engines:

Heathcare Industry Links:

Discount Contact Lenses Online
Discount Massage Chairs
Donley Technology EH&S Software Resources
Physicians Billing Associates, Inc. — Medical billing services for the New Jersey and New York tri-state area
Wilner-Greene Associates Inc. — industrial hygiene & medical screening instruments

Government Agencies:

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