Following is a list of freeware that provides tools and online resources that promote exercise and fitness. To learn more about a particular item, click on the item name. To download a software product or visit an interactive web site, click on "download" or "view," respectively. But first, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

By Cross-Agency U.S. Government. How does the air quality in my city compare with other cities? What time of year has the best air quality? Has the air quality in my city improved? AirCompare provides local air quality information to help you make informed, health-protective decisions about moving or vacationing.

By Optimistec Ltd.. Find and organize music for your workouts.

DeskExercises InteliTool
By Aetna InteliHealth, Inc.. Check out exercises you can do in your office to help various parts of your body and to relax.

Ergonomics App
By Sidharth Garg. Winner of the People's Choice Award for the Department of Labor Worker Safety and Health App Challenge. Ergonomics is a complete mobile workplace health solution that offers ergonomic equipment setup advice, a variety of workplace specific stretching exercises, and programmable reminders to help you time your breaks. For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Health Calculators
By Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Offers several health-related, online calculators. You can track your body mass to figure out how much you've benefitted from that new exercise program, calculate how many calories you really need, find out how much money you've spent on cigarettes in your lifetime and what they've been doing to your lungs, and much more.

MayoClinic Fitness and Sports Medicine Healthy Living Center
By Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Learn the basics of fitness, explore fitness, and take control.

Medical Algorithms: Physical and Sports Medicine
By Institute for Algorithmic Medicine. Contains medical algorithms (computation, formula, survey, or look-up tables) useful in physical and sports medicine. In MS Excel.
By National Park Foundation. Information about recreation on US federal lands

WebMD Interactive Tools
By WebMD. Calculate your healthy weight, count calories, calculate your due date, predict the height of your child, learn when you are most likely to conceive, or calculate your target heart rate.

What Health BMI Calc
By What Health. A Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator for Windows. Body Mass Index can be used to determine if a person is overweight. In keeping with the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, only height and weight measurements are needed to calculate BMI. Gender input is not a requirement for this calculator.

Yoga - The Program
By Zentrum Publishing. Includes Hatha, Raja, and Jnana Yoga instructions, yoga articles, and photos of Asanas. Yoga software also connects to the International Yoga Directory which lists yoga centers of all yoga traditions. The program does not replace qualified instructors.

Your Healthy Weight Pyramid: A Tool for Weight Loss
By Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid is a food pyramid designed to promote weight loss and long-term health.

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