The following list is not intended to be a comprehensive directory of commercial healthcare software. Rather, it is a list of products offered by the companies that help make Healthcare Freeware a reality by sponsoring the site.


3E Online-MSDS
By 3E Company. 3E Company provides online access to hazardous material inventory and associated MSDSs 24-7-365 through an easy-to-use web browser interface. Offers site-specific MSDS management to track the location of your inventory with easy-to-use features including MSDS search, inventory management, and regulated chemical lists. Can be customized with Classification, SARA Candidate Lists, Labeling Modules, Chemical Approval, and Customer Proprietary Documents. Also includes MSDS On Demand program for backup in the event no Internet connection is available.

3E Spill, Poison & Exposure Hotlines
By 3E Company. Provides immediate, 24-7-365, toll free access to 3E's HazMat Mission Control Center for chemical spill assistance and access to physicians, toxicologists and Poison Control specialists for medical concerns. Backed by round-the-clock access to MSDSs, 3E Company provides a single source for EH&S information, emergency response oversight, and compliance reporting associated with chemical spill management and incidents related to chemical exposure, inhalation or ingestion.

By 3E Company. Provides Internet access to an online hazardous materials management training program 24-7-365. Employees login, select a course, and go. 3Etrainer includes all the basic hazardous materials training content related to OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations and also tracks training records and creates summary reports for a customer's management evaluation process. A company-designated administrator can view all activity via a centralized database at any time.

3E MSDS Inventory Management Service
By 3E Company. 3E Company's MSDS Inventory Management service features inventory management by location/site. This allows you to track and access your chemical inventory for multiple locations and also includes 24-7-365 access to 3E Spill Hotline, 3E Poison & Exposure, and 3E MSDS On Demand.

EHS Enterprise Software Suite
By ImageWave Corporation. This popular Environmental, Health & Safety Software Suite includes advanced MSDS Management, MSDS Authoring, Chemical Inventory Tracking, Environmental Reporting (including SARA 313 and TIER II), Container Label Printing, MSDS Hosting Service via Internet, Database Building Services, Full Application Hosting Service via Internet, and much more.

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